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SpotPad lets you create notes about any location

Whether for a travel journal, photo shoot, or to catalog a birding trip, SpotPad is a location-based (GPS) notepad app that lets you create simple text notes in your smartphone, and tag them with your location. You can then call up those notes and pull up the location on a map.

SpotPad Screen Shot: Easily Create Note and Tag with GPS SpotPad Screen Shot: Browse and Retrieve Your Notes SpotPad Screen Shot: Quickly View Note and Map of Location

SpotPad is currently available as an android application, and available on the android app market. Stay tuned for iPhone and other versions.


  • Quickly view, create and edit notes
  • Tag notes with either fine (GPS) or coarse (network) locations
  • Easily manage and pull up notes
  • Plot note location on map


  • Simple and lightweight
  • No sync or other unnecessary data traffic
  • Your data is secure and controlled by you

Get it for Android

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Get it for iPhone

SpotPad for iPhone is not yet released. Sign up to recieve an announcement when it is ready.